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BS5839–1:2017 states it is now essential that all buildings with a fire alarm system have up to date, accurate zone plans.

What is a Fire Alarm Zone Plan?

A zone plan is a layout of your building highlighting the areas of fire detection zones ie. where fire alarms are housed. The main purpose of a zone plan is to be able to immediately identify where any potential fire may have occurred. A Zone Plan shows the layout of the building and clearly highlights the separate fire alarm zones to help evacuations in an emergency situation.

The zone plan should also include:

  • Building name and levels;
  • Escape routes and final exits;
  • Circulation areas (corridors, stairs, lifts etc);
  • A “You are here” identifier; and
  • One Alarm Zone Plan per alarm and repeater panel.

Do I need a fire alarm zone plan?

The simple answer is YES!

If your local fire service visited your property for an inspection and you didn’t have a fire alarm zone plan located on, or near, your fire alarm control and repeater panels, you’d be flagged up for neglecting fire safety standards.

This would be considered a non-conformance against the British Standard for design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of fire alarm systems in non-domestic premises.

From just £35 – Whats included with your Fire Alarm Zone Plan?

  • A fully detailed floor plan with clear labels identifying each zone;
  • The plans location (Primary and Repeater Fire Alarm Panel) clearly shown;
  • Mains and utility isolation points if required; and
  • One A3 printed plan supplied with aluminium frame and fixings for each panel.

*Pricing excludes VAT and delivery