About our School Floor Plans

Based on your existing floor plans, whether they are hard copy or electronic, our School Floor Plans will aid navigation through your school. Simple to follow floor plans can be provided to visitors, contractors at parents evenings and also provided on your Schools website.

After redrawing your supplied plans, we can identify key areas and rooms within the school through the use of simple colours.

Key reference points such as the main entrance and halls are identified to assist with navigation and colours are used to identify specific areas such as year groups and subjects.

To support DDA and to support your Schools Generic Emergency Evacuation Plan (GEEP) we can identify accessibility provision such as lifts, ramps, inaccessible emergency exits and evacuation aids. Any visitors to your School will be aware of what support is available prior to their visit.

Our base school location plans will show a clean and easy to understand floor plan with a legend to identify the main areas within the school. In addition to this we can also include details such as ;

  • Room names and / or numbers;
  • DDA provision (lifts, evacuation aids, ramps etc.);
  • Administration areas (Heads office, Deputy Head etc.);
  • Fire exits; and
  • Assembly point location.

The process for the design of the plans is straightforward and we can work even with plans that are out of date.  We will keep you involved and informed throughout the process to ensure that the finished plans exceed your expectations !

We also provide the final version of the completed plans as print ready PDF so you can print additional copies when needed.

The package for the design of your School Floor Plans includes the full design process with staged approval, printing and supply with A3 acrylic holder.

Commercial Properties & Offices

Applicable to all business types and size, our Fire Evacuation Plans meet all current British and International standards.  Our plans will help your staff and visitors evacuate quickly and safely.

Hotels & Leisure

We supply Hotel Fire Evacuation Plans to all sizes of hotel. From 10 bedroom boutiques, right through to major hotel chains. Our Hotel Fire Evacuation Plans can be found in many of the UK’s leading hotels.

Healthcare & NHS

With a different and potentially more complex set of requirements, the Healthcare industry face a wide range of challenges to evacuation. We provide plans that can accommodate these requirements.


The safety of your pupils is primary. We develop School Fire Escape and Evacuation Plans for nurseries and schools as well as colleges and university campuses.