Evacuation Plans for Offices

Silver Bear Design provide Office Evacuation Plans for a diverse range of commercial properties and property management companies. We design Evacuation Plans for hundreds of properties every year, including offices, warehouses, manufacturing, football stadiums, care homes and distribution centres.

As the manager of Commercial Property or a Facilities / Building Manager, you have a responsibility to ensure the safety of staff and visitors within your building. You must provide, clear information on the buildings Fire Evacuation procedures , details of how to raise the alarm and directions to the closest means of escape.

Using a clear, simple to follow pictorial view of the floor which shows only the information that is relevant to a quick and safe evacuation, our professionally designed Evacuation Plans are the best available.

These Evacuation Plans support the legal requirements of the RRO to communicate your emergency evacuation procedures and follow current and emerging international standards.

Our Evacuation Plans are uniquely scalable to the size of organisation we work with. Our Evacuation Plans are used in small serviced offices through to large, complex buildings and Healthcare estates.

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By using our Evacuation Plans you will:

  • Meet your duty of care for your staff, visitors and guests
  • Comply with the requirements of the RRO/ Fire risk assessments
  • Remove the need to display lengthy evacuation text in multiple languages
  • Use symbols that match your existing fire signage and international Standards
  • Reduce your evacuation times through staff and visitor awareness
  • Provide clear pictorial evacuation information that is easy to understand, regardless of age or language
  • Meet current UK and International legislation and standards
  • Help save lives

Commercial Properties & Offices

Applicable to all business types and size, our Fire Evacuation Plans meet all current British and International standards.  Our plans will help your staff and visitors evacuate quickly and safely.

Hotels & Leisure

We supply Hotel Fire Evacuation Plans to all sizes of hotel. From 10 bedroom boutiques, right through to major hotel chains. Our Hotel Fire Evacuation Plans can be found in many of the UK’s leading hotels.

Healthcare & NHS

With a different and potentially more complex set of requirements, the Healthcare industry face a wide range of challenges to evacuation. We provide plans that can accommodate these requirements.


The safety of your pupils is primary. We develop School Fire Escape and Evacuation Plans for nurseries and schools as well as colleges and university campuses.