Fire Evacuation Plans

By displaying accurate Evacuation Plans / Fire Escape plans, you will be improving the safety of all buildings occupants.

Prominently displayed in public areas and workplaces and designed to compliment your existing building evacuation strategy, they provide essential fire and evacuation instructions and enhance your staff an visitors security.

To comply with current legislation, employers must plan for emergencies, give suitable training to their staff and provide a full range of Fire Evacuation Plans / Fire Escape Plans, which provide clear instruction by using symbols for fire escape routes, location of fire equipment, fire exits and fire safety instructions.

School Lockdown Plans

Today, all schools should consider the need for robust and tested school lockdown procedures. Lockdown procedures should be seen as a sensible and proportionate response to any external or internal incident which has the potential to pose a threat to the safety of staff and pupils in the school.

Our plans are designed to support your existing lockdown procedures. They include clear information on what to do on the initial “Lockdown” alert and any subsequent “Full Lockdown” alert.

A clear plan of the school showing external access points and external and internal doors which will need to be locked, depending upon the threat level to secure and ensure the safety of pupils and staff.

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Floor Plans and Wayfinding

Designed to simplify the layout of your business, school, college or university campus, our way finding solutions are an effective way to enhance building navigation for your visitors and staff alike.

By combining site and pedestrian surveys, analysis of observed behaviour and data we can provide an excellent solution to your building orientation and navigation. We will redraft your existing floor plans, regardless of their format, to simplify their design, enabling the reader to readily focus on what is important.


A few words from our Clients

"We have received a great amount of praise from independent Fire Safety assessors and Fire Enforcement officers with regards to quality and design of our fire evacuation plans as ‘one of the best they have ever seen"

Eclectic Hotels

"Their attractive graphic design options, which meet British and international standards and their specialised design of evacuation plans that are used and recommended by globally recognised brands and industry leaders."

Noble Foods

Commercial Properties & Offices

Applicable to all business types and size, our Fire Evacuation Plans meet all current British and International standards.  Our plans will help your staff and visitors evacuate quickly and safely.

Hotels & Leisure

We supply Hotel Fire Evacuation Plans to all sizes of hotel. From 10 bedroom boutiques, right through to major hotel chains. Our Hotel Fire Evacuation Plans can be found in many of the UK’s leading hotels.

Healthcare & NHS

With a different and potentially more complex set of requirements, the Healthcare industry face a wide range of challenges to evacuation. We provide plans that can accommodate these requirements.


The safety of your pupils is primary. We develop School Fire Escape and Evacuation Plans for nurseries and schools as well as colleges and university campuses.